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About Tricia 

My family life growing up, Catholic grade school, six years in religious community as a Franciscan Sister of Little Falls, MN, dear friendships, my own wedding at age 52, the death of my Mother in 1988, Dad in 1996, and oldest brother in 2010 are a few of the profound experiences that have shaped my sense of spirituality, life, love, relationships, work and world.

Paying attention to what has heart and meaning has been a passion for me since I was young.  And though my Catholic upbringing was valuable during those early years, I am so grateful for the ‘breadth of vision’ and ‘depth of heart’ that people, experiences and education have been for me in my adult life.  There was a time when I equated ‘holiness’ with ‘church only.’  It took many years before I realized that holiness lies within, and around us, and that churches can be (but aren’t always) a source of inspiration.  Many people, whether or not they go to church, value sharing prayer and/or meaningful rituals with those they care about.  My doctoral studies in Creation Spirituality, which I completed in 2001, beautifully affirmed the presence and power of all that is holy and my desire to keep learning, and keep sharing with others.

For more than twenty years I have been actively involved sharing with individuals, families, church communities of various denominations, and organizations.  Whether meeting with someone one-on-one for wellcoaching, performing ‘interpretive dance’ at a church or a women’s conference, or presiding at a memorial service, the sharing of such sacred time with others is always a blessing. 

It is an honor and a joy for me to share life and facilitate life with people in these ways. As the poet Rumi writes:  “…there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” 

I can be reached by phone or email:

Salem, OR
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Radical Love in the Convent: 
A Dance of Body & Soul
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My name is Tricia J. McMahon. My passion for life and my ability to help others discover, express, enjoy, maximize their life in creative, thought-filled, meaningful ways has led me to my work of transformative coaching called SoaringSpiritsInc.

For more than 20 years I have worked with others to expand, heal, deepen their life, body and soul, by:

Wellcoaching with Individuals and Groups 

Consulting for and Officiating Weddings/Commitment Ceremonies, Funerals/Memorials

Speaking and Facilitating Transformative Experiences of Health, Hope and Empowerment 

Instructor, Tai chi: Moving for Better Balance 

Writing, Publishing true Stories of Transformation

All of the above are ways that I 
enjoy sharing life with others 
and inspiring each of us to 
ever greater depths of 
care and compassion 
in this dance called life.

I look forward to talking with you!
In peace,
Tricia J. McMahon, D.Min.

I reside in Salem, Oregon and can be reached by cell or email:

Cell:  408.507.7187