It is a tremendous honor to assist families as they gather with friends to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one who has died.  Whether or not people are "religious," we still want and need to express our hearts and share our joys and sorrows in meaningful, spirit-filled ways. It is a profound honor for me to journey with others in  doing that.

It has been said that we don’t remember days but rather we remember the dear and precious moments we shared with someone we love.  
Memorial gatherings give us the opportunity to remember, honor, and give thanks for another person who has touched our life.  It is also an important time to grieve, together. Click here to read the Celebration of Bruce Sutherland's life.

In planning, it is important for me to meet with family and/or friends of the deceased as soon as possible (even before the loved one has died, in some cases) in order to be present to the needs of your heart and understand your hopes for your loved one's Celebration of Life. Click here to read Eulogy I wrote for my brother. I actually wrote it many months before he passed away and was able to share it with him.

I now offer Pre-Planning for those people interested in having me work with them to plan and even write portions or all of the service. 

Soaring Spirits
   Tai Chi

I offer the following poem, adapted from Seasons of Your Heart, because it speaks so beautifully to the profound experience of being careful and attentive to our own, and one another's, experiences of life, love, loss, and healing.

Blest Are the Sorrowing: They Shall Be Consoled

And what does it mean to mourn, I asked the multitude?
And an old woman stepped forward.
To mourn, she said, is to be given a second heart.
It is to care to deeply that you show your ache in person.
To mourn is to be unashamed of tears.
It is to be healed and broken and built-up
all in the same moment.

Blessed are you if you can minister to others
with a heart that feels
with a heart that hurts
with a heart that loves
and blessed are you if you can minister to others
with a heart that serves
and a heart that sees the need before it is spoken…

It is to be full of the willingness
of forever reaching out to
and picking up and holding carefully
those who hurt.

To mourn is to sing with the dying
and to be healed
by the song and the death.

Adapted from Seasons of Your Heart by Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB

Thank You’s from Clients

“Thank you for all the time and thought that went in to planning my mother’s service. It was a beautiful and memorable day. You are wonderful and I know that my Mom felt the same. Thank you.” 

“I can’t tell you how much we appreciate  you. Everyone has been asking who  you were and how wonderful what you said was. We are doing well; we’re taking one day at a time. We hope to see you soon. Please try to keep in touch.”  
--Tim and family

“Thank you very much for making Bruce’s service a real celebration of his life. You captured his spirit, his love of family and friends so perfectly. Your loving, heartfelt expression was felt by all there. Thank you.”  

“I can’t thank you enough for all you did in my time of need.”  

Funeral or Memorial?

Although these two terms are used interchangeably, they actually represent a significant difference: 
the term Funeral 
references that the casket with your loved one's body is present at the service while 
Memorial implies that it is not.

 Memorials often include an urn with the ashes of your loved one and/or various photographs and other memorabilia reflective of the 
beloved's life.

Thank You’s from Clients

“Once again I reach out in gratitude to you for all the love and support provided to me and to all those who loved Theron. Your gentle wisdom and soothing calm made me know that everything, in time, would be as it was meant to  be..."

“What can I say? I have no words to express my deep feelings of gratitude for all you have done for me and my family. It was such a relief for me when you arrived that Sunday afternoon. I knew it would be okay. You made such a difference in how we looked at things and kept us going in the right direction. You cannot imagine how much this meant to all of us. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart.”  
Basic Pricing is as follows, but please feel free to talk with me about your particular needs:

Includes meeting with family/friends to learn about the beloved who has passed away, helping to plan the Funeral/Memorial, Officiating, and providing the family a printed copy afterward.

if Graveside Service is also included with the Funeral/Memorial.

if Graveside Service only (no Funeral/Memorial service)

Travel expenses apply (.50/mile) if greater than 25 mile radius from Keizer, OR. Airfare as needed.

Contact Info:
408.507.7187 dd 
$text.Experienced celebrant for your Wedding; Traditional and non-traditional ceremonies.