Radical Love in the Convent:
A Dance of Body & Soul

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Soaring Spirits
   Tai Chi

   In the form of poetry and prose, music and dance, Radical Love in the Convent: A Dance of Body & Soul tells a story of evolutionary moments of faith, hope, healing and celebration as I found myself on an unprecedented journey of love in religious community, and as part of the earth community.

   It is my hope that each reader will be affirmed in the joys, challenges, questions that dance within their own lives as we each move deeper and deeper into love.

Chapter Titles:

​God, Show Me Your Face NOW!
Body Prayer
Holy Disobedience
Life Changed
Radical Religious
Habit Forming
Sacred Sexuality
Inside Out
Dancing with the Universe

202 pages; including photographs that further enunciate the beauty and power 
of the journey.

Excerpt from Chapter 3
I arrived at the convent doorstep veiled in assumptions about conforming to a perceived way of being...My wild woman instincts were subsumed by my own perceptions about religious life, and by the patriarchal culture in which I grew up and in which religious life resides. Although I did not know it at the time, my wild woman nature needed to be soul-retrieved and my assumptions unveiled so that rather than conform, I could be an active participant in shaping the form of life in which I had chosen to participate.  p46

Excerpt from Chapter 7
Little did I know that my longing for the spiritual life would beg the blessing of my sexual self, and that by daring to "look again" at my sexuality, my spiritual life would be transformed. But it wasn't easy. p115-116

Chapter Descriptions

God, Show Me Your Face NOW! tells the story of unexpected encounters, within and without, that led me to enter the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, MN.

Body Prayer awakens the beauty of our connection with all creation.

Holy Disobedience honors the ‘deep listening’ that we each deserve and require in the embrace of our authentic lives. 

  Life Changed is the novitiate journey of dying, and unexpected new life, that my mother’s death evoked in me.

Radical Religious bespeaks the revolutionary power of love in the cause of justice.

Habit Forming re-dresses perceptions, ideologies that hinder rather than further connection with self, others, the earth.

Sacred Sexuality embodies the ardent need yet struggle for sexuality that is blessed and why it matters to all creation.

   Inside Out is the paradox of saying ‘yes’ to the evolution of faith, hope and love in, and out, of the convent.

   Dancing with the Universe gathers all the organisms of the universe in hope and celebration of our shared earthly life.

"Reflection on the stories of Tricia's life awakened in me life, passion and yearning to be so fully alive...to look again at the stories of my life with love, loss and hope. I recommend 
this poetic narrative." 

Dr. Cathy Waldron, 
Sister of Notre Dame de Namur

"This story inserted itself 
into my life at a time I needed 
to learn to trust more in the 
Divine Wisdom within. I hope that it inspires each of its readers, as it has inspired me, to follow her or his own path into greater trust and deeper love." 

Mary Pinney Erickson,
Editor, Streams from the Sacred River: Women's Spiritual Wisdom

"Tricia has gifted us with her journey through religious life. As she states in her story, 'God and I began experiencing a revolutionary evolution that would not be stopped.' This evolution is beautifully written as a testimony to her ever-expanding love of the Universe."

Dr. Ardine Martinelli, 
Spiritual Mentor and Retreat Leader

Poem from Chapter 1

The hour is striking so close above me, 
so clear and sharp
that all my senses ring with it.
I feel it now: there's a power in me to grasp and give shape to my world.

...My looking ripens things 
and they come toward me 
to meet and be met.

                         Rainer Maria Rilke






from anonymous poem 
given to the author


"A deep reflection, like a refining fire. Profound! I wept--resonating with gratitude, love and affirmation.  
I revel in Tricia' fidelity to vocation. Beautifully empowering." 
Ade Kroll, 
Franciscan Sister of Little Falls, MN
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