Soaring Spirits
   Tai Chi

Movement is a language of the heart;

 a universal language that reaches 
beyond words and ideas, beyond 
criticism or debate.  

It evokes the beauty, compassion and awe 
that lies within each of us.

Interpretive Dance

 Collaborating with adults and/or children to create a meaningful experience for everyone involved, is a beautiful part of my ministry.

I have enjoyed working with others 
as well as doing solo presentations since 1992
Tai chi: Moving for Better Balance is one way that I love sharing movement with others. Tai Chi has the capacity to inspire and enliven us, body and spirit.

I am excited to be a certified Instructor of Tai chi: Moving for Better Balance, teaching this exhilarating form of exercise/art/meditation at health clubs, senior centers, churches... 

50-60 minute classes, 1-2x/week.
Six week minimum.

inside each of us

there awaits 

a wonder


spirit of freedom…

she waits

to dance

in the corners

where we still

do not believe

in our goodness

inside each of us

there awaits

a wonder


spirit of freedom…

Above excerpt taken from The Star In My Heart by Joyce Rupp
Movement for Body and Soul:
Tai Chi 
Intrepretive Dance
Interpretive Dance presentations that I have done solo or with others include:

Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou
Warning by Jenny Joseph

Magnificat (duet photo above)
Stations of the Cross (top right photo)
Earth/Air/Fire/Water (bottom right above)

Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion
Heal the World by Michael Jackson
Circle by Barbara Streisand
Circle of Life from Lion King

Re-Imagining Conference in MN (above)

Various Instrumentals

Photo below: Dancing in the Swiss Alps with group of young people from all over the world for Swiss national holiday. (1996)

Call or email to explore ideas for your particular event or community.